Born out of Love, Rich in Science

Born out of Love,
Rich in Science

Happy Masks family photo

Happy Masks is a family business. It began as a way to protect my family in the early days of the pandemic, and as we’ve grown, families remain the driving force behind what we do.

The origins of Happy Masks began twenty years ago in Taiwan when my father partnered with a scientist to develop a powerful nanofiber membrane filter to protect against the airborne SARs virus during the 2003 epidemic. In March of 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic took hold, my mom sent a box of these masks to our three children, my husband, and me out of fear for our safety. We started wearing them on our daily scooter rides around the neighborhood. Friends and neighbors began to take notice of our kids happily talking and laughing while wearing these unique “parrot beak” shaped masks, and soon, friends-of-friends, and friends-of-friends-of-friends started asking for them.

When Happy Masks began, we would assemble orders in brown paper bags in our living room and leave them on the porch for people to pick up. From those humble beginnings, we now have an amazingly dedicated team running fulfillment operations and customer service. We also have the most incredible community of loyal, caring, generous customers who write to share success stories like their child continuing to test negative after a COVID exposure at school or tell us about the special life moments they’ve been given back because of our masks.

We created Happy Masks because we wanted to offer this superior protection to all families. Whether you’re sending your child to school during a pandemic, keeping society running by working on the front lines, or even trying to stay safe from the environmental impacts of wildfire smoke, pollution, and allergens, our mission is to be the mask you trust to protect you through all the seasons of life. 

Stay safe and be well,

Signature of Melinda Hwang, Happy Masks Founder

Melinda Hwang
Happy Masks Founder