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Hats the whole family loves to wear

Bring some fun to sun protection with Patchumz, our non-iron-on patches that you can use over and over again.

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Youth Happy Hat


5 colors


Adult Happy Hat


2 colors

Youth & Adult


Happy Cap


4 colors




18 designs

See why our hats make staying safe from the sun so fun!

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“I was sold on the idea that
this hat would make it more fun and more likely for my daughter to wear a sun hat - and it sure does!”

Meredith P.


“My girls never kept sun hats on, until they got their Happy Hats! Now they don’t want to take them off! Definitely a winning product!”

Arielle R.

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“PLAYABLE SUN PROTECTION?! These hats are incredibly well-made, super cute, comfy and protective, and SO much fun to play with! The Patchumz are even cuter in person!”

Ashley G.


“I live in the desert, and this hat doesn't make me hot, even on our hottest days! It's very well made, and the air vents and wide brim help a lot with staying cool and covered.”

Julie L.


“I have always only purchased Sunday Afternoons, but this might be my new favorite hat. It has the same quality as Sunday Afternoons but is SO FUN!”

Esther C.


“We took these on our trip to Greece. My daughter loved redesigning her hat while waiting for meals at restaurants.”

Conrad L.


“My daughter and my father have always refused to wear sun hats. Not the case any longer! Now they are sunhat buddies with their matching sun hats!”

Nevena G.


“I haven't had to ask my girls to put on a sun hat once since they got their Happy Hats and Patchumz, they bring this hat everywhere!”



“The hat and Patchumz are really high quality, and do not fall off - even after a day of playing at the park and being thrown into her backpack.”

Christina H.


“My daughter loves this hat because of how comfortable and customizable it is. I love it for the full face and neck sun protection! A win-win all around!”



“My girls were so excited to decorate their Happy Hats! They fit perfectly, and the 3-inch brim doesn't flop down and is awesome for keeping the sun off their faces.”

Steph C.

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