Breathability and comfort without compromising on protection.

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*Disclaimer: Happy Masks are not devices intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease and do not meet the definition of a medical device as set forth in section 201(h) of the FD&C Act. 

  • 99.9% viral and bacterial filtration efficiency (tested by Nelson Labs USA) 
  • 99.9% protection from pollen and dust mites (tested by Taiwan Textile Research Institute) 
  • Repeated wash testing shows filtration efficacy is maintained for up to 50 washes (O.S.H.Co., Ltd Respirator Test Center, Taiwan)* 

5 Layers of Protection

No more muffled voices or stuffy breathing

Our unique 3D design leaves space between the mask inner layer, and your mouth and nostrils.  

Easy and even air flow 

Includes a built-in nanofiber membrane filter, which is one of the best for enabling air to flow while keeping out the bad stuff. Plus, no need to buy separate filters!   

A Precise Fit 

All masks include an adjustable nose wire and adjustable ear straps to ensure a perfect fit for a variety of face shapes.  

Soft inner fabric that stays dry 

A quick-dry inner layer means fabric feels soft and dry, even after hours of wear.  

No need to buy separate filters  

Each mask contains a sewn-in nanofiber membrane filter. Unlike other masks with filter inserts, our filter provides full, corner-to-corner coverage that spans the entire shape of the mask.

Over time, the filter will start to accumulate enough particles to inhibit breathing. When you start to notice air is not flowing as easily as it once was, it’s a sign that you should replace your mask.

On average, masks typically last approximately 250 hours, but this may vary slightly depending on individual environments.

*Repeated Wash Test conducted by the Taiwan Textile Institute.

What our customers say

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Tamar B.

"I love these masks! They are super lightweight and comfortable compared with cloth masks I purchased from two other sellers. My children - who are 6 and 4 - were able to wear them yesterday for a 3 hour outing - no complaints! The adjustable ear loops and nose bridge make it very comfortable, and, unlike the other masks I’ve tried, they stay on easily without constantly having to be adjusted."

Dahyana S.

“The masks are super comfortable and provide a great seal. Because of the extra inch in the front, I can breathe and talk so much better, but the protection is there because of the fit. They’re comfortable and super stylish. I’m looking forward to buying more. Best mask I’ve owned so far. ” 

Liz C.

"It has been difficult to find a quality mask from a reliable vendor online. I placed a few orders on various websites and they never arrived. So I was thrilled to receive my Happy Mask order so quickly after ordering. They're a great value since they offer such a high filtration rate AND they're washable. The masks are also really nicely made and fit great. They come in a range of sizes and I love that I was able to order a mask for every member of my family from one place."

Rita N.

"I love having masks that are easy and well made. Some friends ordered these at the same time I did, and they all love them--including how well they fit their kids' faces. All of them ordered more immediately, just like I did."

Lili Y.

“In my opinion, the most effective mask is the one that my kids and spouse will wear. They will actually keep the mask on during bike rides, walks, errands, so this is the best mask for us! The ear loops are adjustable and comfortable. The fit is much more comfortable because it is dove-tailed in the front rather than flattening the nose, allowing more space to breath.”

Avril A.

“I have purchased several other masks/styles so far and Happy Masks exceeded my expectations! It provides very good coverage, has adjustable ear pieces which is great, feels more breathable than other masks due to the spacing and looks great. Someone on the street complimented me on the style in the first five minutes I had it on!”

Pro Series - Core Colors

Features classic colors and a soft trim that is individually hand sewn to each mask.



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Navy Blue


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Pro Series - Limited Edition Patterns

The same comfort and protection, but with an extra dose of style.  



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